About Us

Who we are, and how we got to be doing what we’re doing today.

Max Revitt, founder of Revitt Consulting, graduated Imperial College London with a masters in Information Systems Engineering, and began his pursuit of a career in Software Engineering. After a few permanent roles, he went contracting and started to meet people who shared the same ethos of high quality and simplicity.

Fast forward a few years, and Max has a large network of trusted partners and developers, working directly to deliver on some cool projects.

We make no bones about using tools such as WordPress to help deliver quickly on a budget, whilst also having the experience and expertise to build large custom systems which address complex business needs. Check out our Customers page to see some examples.

With over 20 websites, 10 eCommerce stores, and multiple custom software systems under our belt, Revitt Consulting is a fast growing setup eager to help your business.


Keep it simple.


Provide the best solutions around!

What our clients say about us

Our clients appreciate us for our expertise, reliability and ability to deliver.