Case Study: Miranda Double Glazing Ltd.

Case Study

Miranda came to us with an efficiency problem. In order to sell to one of their customers they had a manual process involving a phone call, and manual data entry/processing between their purchasing and accounts departments. Following this laborious process for tens of orders per day was putting a strain on both businesses’ staff. With a fairly tight schedule, we set about quickly building a simple, resilient system.

I approached Revitt Consulting with the need for a custom-built integration between our POS system and that of one of our customers. They (Revitt Consulting) took the time to fully understand our internal processes and exactly what we needed from the start so there were no surprises later. They have stayed in close contact since completion to help with any small teething issues. Communication was regular throughout the development process, and the work was completed within our tight time frame. They even added little features we hadn’t thought of, and came up with some great solutions to overcome hurdles along the way. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product and would highly recommend.

As with all software, the desired outcome was much more important than the code. It is important to note, however, that the code only ‘disappears’ like this when the quality is sufficient that there are no problems. We worked hard to ensure that the web application we deployed for Miranda was fast and simple. Miranda staff use the software to take some details at the point of sale from their customer’s operative, we then call their customer’s API to generate a purchase order number, which can be then later used to send purchase orders and invoices to Miranda’s customer’s API. In this way we remove the phone call to get the purchase order number, and we remove the overhead associated with sending purchase orders and invoices manually.

We’re able to deploy changes and fixes to this system within minutes, automatically. It lives in AWS (Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud), and benefits from database point-in-time restore, and always-on connectivity to both Miranda’s stock management system, and their customer’s API.

This was a super enjoyable project for us, providing great value to both parties, and giving us a nice challenge to get it all wrapped up on time!