If Everything Seems Under Control, You’re Not Going Fast Enough


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When a company as big as Shopify is using speed to advertise their product, it tells you something. When they’re paying for that advertising via Instagram AND providing a free resource, you realise it might be a little bit important.

The title of this blog post is a quote from the racing driver Mario Andretti, and it most definitely applies to your website/software too.

One of our past clients were doing really well when they came to us to provide a speedup to their cart and checkout pages. They weren’t slow, but with a fair bit of hard work, they got quicker by an average of 0.7s per page load.

Now for the important bit. When we deployed the changes to increase the speed of their site, conversion rate increased instantly and they recouped their ad-spend. Speeding up their site completely offset their ad-spend.

Everything might be under control and profits may be good, but with a bit of a speed up, they could be a lot better. Outside of eCommerce this could mean; more enquiries via your marketing site, much faster access to up-to-date data, or higher staff satisfaction using your internal tooling.

Remember, when it comes to software, faster is better.