Collabco is the provider of myday, a customisable dashboard tool used by many leading educational establishments in the UK, Europe, and APAC regions to drive student engagement, participation, and retention. With rapid expansion and a busy development team, management of their WordPress marketing sites was outsourced to Revitt Consulting. We quickly set about improving the performance of the sites, seeing page speed increase drastically, ultimately increasing the usability and search rankings of their sites.

Back-office performance of WordPress also sky-rocketed, allowing for easier content generation. Hosted in Amazon EC2, with regular backups to S3, the sites perform well and are ready for disaster recovery at a moment’s notice. As well as increasing the hosting performance, we provided Collabco with a staging and deployment process with zero-downtime deploys for WordPress. Revitt Consulting remotely trained the Collabco marketing team on deployments, and continues to work with them delivering features and integrations to their sites. An additional benefit of this process was better governance – content going from staging to live could be vetted and signed off in-situ, rather than via offline format first.
They’re a great bunch – it has, and continues to be, a pleasure to work with them!

Marketing Director Tracy Dabbs says: “Revitt Consulting have been a great fit for our scale-up business.  They have been genuine in advice and operate as part of the team, making any seemingly difficult task easy to accomplish.  Having digital skill gaps within the team and a want for more resource Revitt Consulting have provided Collabco with a flexible solution that meets all needs”