Virtu Scout

Startup Virtu Scout ( tasked us to consult and build their multi-media platform. Starting out with intentions of being a value add for their own business, Virtu Scout soon turned into a full platform of its own.

Virtu Scout allows users to upload, view, and share different types of media (images, videos, panoramas, 3D point clouds, PDFs etc.) in one easy to use gallery. Multiple views for scrolling and browsing through media are provided, as well as exif stripping for geolocation, editable metadata, searchable tags and other features.

The powerful permissions system caters for media producers, media owners, and viewers – allowing location scouts and production companies to work easily with their customers. For simpler use cases, the permissions system remains easy to use.

We started with a rough set of requiements, and essentially the most ‘green field’ project you could imagine. With the client we teased out the full set of requirements, with some agility to change as the platform evolved during development. Revitt Consulting provided and managed the development resource, and continues to do so after the MVP delivery.

The platform runs in Amazon’s cloud, and is built using Golang, MongoDB, VueJS, and other open source tooling. It is monitored with the Grafana Labs stack – Prometheus, Promtail, Loki so we have our finger on the pulse at all times. The system is containerised, and container images are generated/deployed on successful CI pipeline runs. Revitt Consulting provides cloud consultancy services and operational support, embracing the devops ethos.

We’re super proud of the part we’ve played in building the platform, and excited to see what the future holds for it!

Will, the founder of Virtu Scout says: “We came to Max and his team with nothing more than an idea in our head. Covid has changed the way many of us work and it seemed logical to us that creating a product which allows you to reduce person to person contact is better for the environment, and still offers 90% of the benefits of a real-life site visit, would be a success. Having no previous experience in software development was daunting, but Max and his team were really effectively able to guide us through the process, and made the logical steps from wireframing to laying out the milestones easy and simple to understand. I liked the ability to talk openly about issues and changes with the very people who were creating the software, rather than at a larger company dealing with an account manager. It meant changes could be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. Testament to their great work on the site, we continue to work with Max and his team for further developments of Virtu Scout and day to day administration of the system. “