We consider ourselves fairly technology agnostic, but some stuff we find indespensible:- Golang, .NET, JavaScript (and TypeScript), VueJS, AWS, Containerisation, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Technology moves fast. We try to keep up, whilst sitting just behind the latest and greatest to ensure future proof solutions on tried and tested tech.

We’re in the game of solving problems, and we use tech as the tools of our trade.

Keep it simple is one of our favourite mantras – just because something is complex doesn’t mean it is good! Lines of Code is a measure of quality – the fewer the better. We sleep on our implementations, and then boil them down as much as possible.

Our favourite example of overkill is custom building an online shop for a few products, with all the payment provider integrations, shipping integrations, stock management, back office, reporting etc. This is a 6 figure job if done properly, but there exist competent products (such as WooCommerce, and Shopify) which can massively simplify this, and if wielded correctly – yield the same, if not better results.

Our aim is to use the technologies we work with to provide your business with value – be that freeing up staff for other duties, increasing profit margins, increasing productivity.

For those interested, a non-exhaustive list of the tech we work with:

Languages: Go, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP

Frameworks/CMS: VueJS, .NET, NodeJS, Selenium, WordPress, WooCommerce

Software: PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Nginx, Docker

Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, Cloudflare, BunnyCDN